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wall paper “Arjuna Pandawa Lima”



The story began with the introduction of the parents of this brotherhood. The antagonist was Duryodana/Duryudana/Druyudana (Duryodhana), or Suyodana/Suyudana who happened to be the eldest brother of all 99 siblings known as the Kurawas. He was the son of the blind King Dretarasta/Destarastra (Dhritarashtra) and Goddess Gandari.

As cousins, the Pandawas and the Kurawas often played together. However, Bima (one of the Pandawas) loved to tease and trick the Kurawas. This led to dissatisfaction and resentfulness of the Kurawas. One day Duryudana started to think about his insecurity and discomfort against the five brothers and plotted to overthrow them from being the Lord of Kuru Dynasty.

The plot began when Dhritarashtra appointed his nephew Yudistira as the crown prince instead of his own son. This caused Duryadana madness and he planned to kill all those five brothers together with their mother Kunti. He offered them to go to a place called Ekacakra – a place set by Duryodhana for them with a huge building in it. His idea was to burn them alive during their slumber at night. Fortunately, the plan was discovered by Widura who was the uncle of the Five Pandawas. In fact, Yudistira had been warned about this plot by a hermit who came to him telling about a disaster that would inflict him in the future. Later the Pandawas fled the place and ran into the woods.

During the flee they five brothers heard about a competition in the Kingdom of Pancala that offered a marriage with a princess named Draupadi as it prize. Arjuna who was a good archer entered the competition and won the princess. He then took her to his mother but his mother asked her to marry all of them instead.

When Dhritarashtra heard that these five brothers did not die in the inferno, he invited them to his kingdom and granted them with the gift of half the lands of his kingdom. They successfully built up a great city call Indraprastha. The resentful Duryodhana returned and planned to build a city even greater than Indraprasta. He also conspired another plot in order to vanquish Yudhistira. He managed to make Yudhistira fell into his trap and was exiled for fourteen years. During this time Yudhistira planned on taking his revenge against this mighty villain, which later led to a huge revolt against Dhritarashtra.

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